New Orders Ship in 8-10 business days.

PLEASE NOTE:  Each sign is made to order!  We SO value and are blessed by each of our customers and are working very hard to ensure that each and every product we send out maintains the highest possible quality! 

Custom Order Requests

Thank you for your interest in custom signs!  They are an exciting and personal way to capture a feeling or inspiration.  We are constantly amazed by the thoughtful and creative requests that come our way.  In fact, a number of our current listings began as custom orders. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate all custom requests. However, we will continue to maintain open slots for custom signs as order volume allows.

Maintaining the high quality our customers have come to expect from us is our priority.  To accomplish this, all of our signs are produced with 100% wood backgrounds and frames and finished with quality paint, stain and sealer.

Custom signs will be considered if the layout, proportions and amount of text/graphics allow for us to create a high quality sign you can enjoy for years to come. As you would expect, custom orders do require additional design, collaboration and layout time so there is an additional custom fee. 

Next Steps:

  • Please fill out the form below to get the custom request process stared.  For best service, please take the time to detail your request accurately.  
  • Standard sign sizes and fonts from our shop work well, so please indicate specific listings where possible. Custom sizes and fonts are possible.
  • Likewise, standard frame and font colors work well. Custom colors are possible, but may increase the timeframe and cost.  
  • We will do our best to reply to custom requests within 48 hours.  
  • If details are agreed upon (size, content, color, price) then a custom listing will be created and added to the shop for purchase.
  • Our shop policy is to only develop mock ups for design AFTER the purchase of a custom listing. Be assured that mock ups will be modified until you are happy with the design. We have done this 100s of times with great customer satisfaction.
  • Please note that production timing for custom orders will be communicated at the time of the request and is not tied to the production timing for standard listings.   

Thank you for your interest in a Custom Order.